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Carol Moehrle, District Director

What is Public Health? In three words, it’s Prevention, Promotion, and Protection. These three words are the driving force for all activities that take place in local Public Health.


Our local Board of Health reviews our services and activities on a regular basis, making sure we hold to our mission of:

● Prevent Disease
● Promote Healthy Lifestyles
● Protect and Prepare the Public Against Health Threats

Our mission is accomplished through the Ten Essential Public Health Services. Our annual report highlights many programs and activities that take place with Local Public Health. Each article targets one of the essential services so you can see how they relate. These ten essential services are becoming the measurement tool for Local Public Health and what we are held accountable for. A copy of our annual report can be obtained by calling 208-799-3100. Local Public Health exists for the common good of all people and we are responsible for demonstrating strong leadership in the promotion of social, economic, and environmental conditions that improve health and well-being and prevent illness, disease and injury.


Public Health operates according to the highest level of professionalism and ethics to inspire public confidence and trust. As always, we could not accomplish our work without the multitude of partners that share our enthusiasm and commitment to preventive health. Many of these partners include YOU, the public, as you volunteer to assist us in coalitions, committees, and work done in our communities. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to these projects. We value your support and your enthusiasm. Public Health will continue to be accountable to our public as we strive to protect and improve the health of our community.

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Public Health - Idaho North Central District
215 10th Street
Lewiston, ID 83501

Phone: (208) 799-3100
Fax: (208) 799-0349

Idaho Careline: 211

EPI ISSUES: 1-800-632-8000
For medical emergencies dial: 911.


All information is general in nature and is not intended to be used as a substitute for appropriate professional advice.

For more information please call (208) 799-3100 or Idaho Careline: 211.

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