Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program

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To decrease teen pregnancies in Idaho, the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) program aims to provide youth and their parents/caregivers with access to sexual health education. Studies show that sexual health education helps teens delay sexual activity, use condoms and birth control correctly, avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and prevent pregnancy.

Unplanned teen pregnancies cost Idaho taxpayers approximately 39 million dollars a year in Medicaid, foster care, and incarceration.  These figures are not surprising given that children born from teen pregnancies often have poorer mental and physical health compared to children born from planned pregnancies.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention logoTeens and parents are encouraged to visit to learn more about saying no, STDs, birth control, teen pregnancy facts and much more.




Reducing the Risk (RTR) School Curriculum

Reducing the RiskPublic Health – Idaho North Central District is looking for schools interested in implementing the Reducing the Risk (RTR) curriculum.  RTR is a skills-based curriculum developed by ETR Associates.  It is designed to help teens prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STDs, including HIV.

The RTR curriculum helps teens to:

  • Evaluate the risks and consequences of becoming an adolescent parent or becoming infected with HIV or another STD.
  • Recognize that abstaining from sexual activity or using contraception are the only ways to avoid pregnancy, HIV infection, and other STDs.
  • Conclude that factual information about conception and protection is essential for avoiding teenage pregnancy, HIV infection and other STDs.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills for remaining abstinent and for avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse.
For more information about the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, or if you would like help getting the Reducing the Risk curriculum into your school, please contact our health education specialist at 208-799-3100.

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