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Environmental Health

About Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Public Health-Idaho North Central District is responsible for protecting and promoting the health and quality of the environment. The Division of Environmental Health provides the following programs: Idaho Smoke Information, Child Care, Food Protection, Air Quality (Indoor and Outdoor), Land Development, Food Inspection Scores, Public Swimming Pools, Septic Systems (Private Sewage), Solid Waste, and Water Systems.

Fees for Environmental Health Permits & Services

(Effective 05/01/2022)

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Environmental Health FAQ

Do I need to get a permit from PH-INCD to sell food?

It depends. If you plan on preparing and selling potentially hazardous foods, such as anything with meat, cheese, cooked vegetables, or cream, then yes you would need to talk to an Environmental Health Specialist and obtain a permit.

If I want to sell food, and I am doing so as a fund raiser, do I still need a permit?

If you are representing a fraternal, benevolent, non-profit organization, you are allowed to sell food or serve one meal per week without a permit.  We still advise that you talk to an Environmental Health Specialist before doing so.

Can I prepare food at my house and sell it at the Farmer’s Market?

You may if you are not dealing with potentially hazardous foods.  If you are making cookies, breads, and other non-regulated non-potentially hazardous foods, then you may qualify as a Cottage Food maker.  In that case, we would request that you fill out a simple Cottage Food Risk Assessment form and talk to an Environmental Health Specialist to make sure that what you are doing is truly low risk and exempt from permitting.  If you are preparing potentially hazardous foods, then you would need a permit as that is not exempt.

My septic system failed, and I need to install a replacement system. Do I need a permit from the Health Department?

Yes.  You are obligated under State of Idaho rules and regulations to obtain a permit from the local Health District when putting in any kind of subsurface sewage disposal system in the State of Idaho.  The application form and associated information is on our website along with our Environmental Health services fee schedule.

If I have mold in my apartment or house, should I have it tested?

You could have it tested, but if you have mold in your apartment or home, you would better off spending your time and money finding the source of the mold and what is causing it.  Mold is caused by having too much moisture, whether it is condensation, a leaky roof or wall or leaking pipes.  Finding and eliminating the source of moisture and thoroughly cleaning, drying, and disinfecting the moldy area will be key to controlling this problem.  Knowing the type of mold won’t change that and it can be very expensive to test. 

Environmental Health

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