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Public Health nurses provide education, health screenings and technical advice to children and teachers in contracting school districts throughout the five-county area. Specific health screenings are hearing, vision and scoliosis (curvature of the spine). All of these health screenings are routine in schools throughout the nation and may reveal easy to correct conditions that if not detected may cause major problems in the future.


School nurses assist parents, teachers and children with special needs children by participating in developing education plans, educating the school staff about the specific condition and advocating for the child. School nurses also teach classes on various health topics. You may check with your school or local health department office for more information:

Contact your Idaho District 2 county offices:

  • Nez Perce County: 208-799-3100
  • Latah County: 208-882-7506
  • Clearwater County: 208-476-7850
  • Idaho County: 208-983-2842
  • Lewis County: 208-935-2124
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